Shuttle bus

The shuttle bus runs during rush hours (7:30 – 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.) between the Tech Lane Park site and the Ghent Sint-Pieters railway station, every fifteen minutes.

During the morning rush hours (starting from 7:30 a.m.), a bus drives every quarter of an hour to the Technology Park. During the evening rush hours (starting from 4:30 p.m.), a bus drives to Ghent Sint-Pieters every 15 minutes.

The start location can be found here.

Shuttle registration

To make a correct calculation of the shuttle bus cost for each company, it is necessary to register each user. Starting November 1st 2017 users of the shuttle bus are supposed to register at the time of entry with a QR code. Information on creating that QR code via this link: Shuttle Registration.

The info is also available in the bus.

Bus schedule

Number of buses from Ghent Sint-Pieters to Tech Lane
7u30 1
7u45 2
8u00 2
8u15 2
8u30 2
8u45 2
9u00 2
9u15 2
9u30 1
Number of buses from Tech Lane to Ghent Sint-Pieters
16u30 2
16u45 2
17u00 2
17u15 2
17u30 2
17u45 2
18u00 2
18u15 1
18u30 1
*bus 3 does NOT run during school holidays (nor during long holiday weekends).

*the buses run with a few minutes time difference during the rush hours.

There are four stops on the Park site: at the Magnel Lab, Primoris, the Bio-Accelerator and the AA Tower.

The (green) bus lane and the 4 stops are indicated on the map below.