Future infrastructure

Redesign of the park

Redesign of the park

Ghent University has committed and made funds available to upgrade both the mobility and the redesign of the park.The works are subsidized by VLAIO for 1.8 million euro. Ghent University contributes more than 3 million euro.

What's on the agenda?

  • A new central meeting place (parvis)
  • The construction of a new ring road with more measures to slow down the traffic
  • Improvement works on the green areas, including picnic islands and 2 sports fields
  • The construction of a network for cyclist and pedestrians

As part of these works, the underground pipelines will also be renewed and additional data facilities will be installed.
The ring road will be a bicycle street of 4m20 with an extra 80cm width to accommodate exceptional transport.
At this point no free standing bike path will be constructed. We will however safeguard a 3 meter strip around the ring road in order not to rule out this option in the future;

• The construction of a network for cyclist and pedestrians in the green areas and the realization of a central bicycle axis.

This main bicycle road will connect the parvis, the parking building and the tram stop in Zwijnaarde. In time, a connection with the roundabout and the park forest will also be added;

• Improvement works on the green areas, including picnic islands and 2 sports fields with ping-pong tables and soccer field.

All these construction works will greatly improve the look and feel of the park, and will further enhance the water management and biodiversity.

Ghent University is working towards a more uniform park appearance and by improving the ‘soft road network’ they’ll enhance the safety for cyclists and pedestrians as well as making the green park strips more enjoyable.

The car traffic at the park will be better managed. The cars will be guided to the respective car parks and/or to the new parking tower. Access management for cars will also be introduced (further explanation will follow in a later newsletter).

The preparation works have already started.
A number of utilities are currently being diverted at the level of the future "parvis".
There is some noise pollution due to the construction works and at times traffic might be diverted.
Part of the parking opposite the iGent tower is being used by the contractor for storage, reducing the number of available parking spaces.

The actual renewal works will start in October 2021.

A new parking facility

A new parking facility ending the current parking chaos

Tech Lane Ghent Science Park/Campus A is flourishing with more than 3950 people working at the Park. The expectation is that this number will further increase in the future.

Today many people have discovered alternative ways to reach their workplace. For the majority of the people, coming by car remains however the most convenient and sometimes the only solution.

The available parking infrastructure on the Park today is already saturated. Cars are left at places where they do not belong resulting not only in a chaotic and messy look of the Park but sometimes also in unsafe situations. In addition a large temporary parking lot will disappear in the near future.

A concession has now been formally granted to a consortium to design, build, finance, maintain and operate a new parking facility on site.

Some features of the new parking facility:

• Initial capacity : 500 cars
• Location: between Syngenta and BASF
• Access control to the Park
• Free access for all existing official parking spaces at the Park

The construction works have been started in November 2020.

From Sept 1st until Sept 20th the newly installed barriers will open and close automatically for every vehicle that enters and leaves the park.

As from Sept 20th, the new access regulation with license plate recognition and/or badge will be implemented.

The parking will be operated by Indigo.

Mobility projects around the park

Master Project Ardoyen and surroundings

Master Project Ardoyen is a joint project with the City of Ghent and its partners AWV (Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer), Ghent University, De Lijn and VZW Ardoyen.
Together they are working towards an integrated and sustainable development and accessibility of the Technology park Ardoyen.
With the main aim of sustainable mobility, the partners want to make the site more accessible through small and large interventions: footpaths, bike paths, better public transport. In addition, modifications to the accessibility of the site at the N60 roundabout (with bicycle tunnel) and a new bicycle connection between De Sterre and Ardoyen (with bicycle bridge) are an important part of this project.

Want to find out more about the projects?
Visit the project site: Project Ardoyen

AWV is investigating modifications to the accessibility of the site at the N60 roundabout (with bicycle tunnel) and a new bicycle connection between De Sterre and Ardoyen (with bicycle bridge)
foto tram 2
We have a dream: a tram stop in the heart of the campus!

A new R&D Center for Daikin

Daikin is planning a cutting-edge development complex in Ghent

Daikin Europe N.V. (DENV), the European subsidiary of Daikin Industries Ltd., and leader in the field of climate solutions, has chosen Ghent as its new location for the EMEA Development Center (EDC).

The EDC needs additional capacity, test chambers and larger research facilities equipped with the latest technologies. It is therefore planning the construction of a cutting-edge development complex on our Tech Lane Ghent Science Park / Campus Ardoyen in the second half of 2021. The new and more extensive EDC is also very important for DENV with a view to the further development of new technologies.

Following a study into the ideal new location for the headquarters of the EMEA Development Center, Daikin Europe N.V. had its eye on Tech Lane Ghent Science Park / Campus Ardoyen.

As a Top 100 university, Ghent University has a renowned doctorate programme in ‘Mechanical Engineering’, and is, in that sense, a significant source of future employees. Ghent University and the EDC have already worked together, and will intensify their collaboration at the new site in the field of new heating technologies, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

The preparatory work could start towards the end of the summer of 2021. The intention is to inaugurate the test building in May 2023, and to take the office area into use at the end of 2023.

A new multipurpose student building

VTK builds multipurpose student building

In a few years, the civil and industrial engineering students will move to Campus Ardoyen/Tech Lane. As the faculty’s main student association, VTK is taking initiative to build a multipurpose student hub on the site. The already existing facilities of Campus Ardoyen will be supplemented with a multipurpose hall, storage space, meeting rooms and student association rooms where the various student organisations active at the faculty can establish their headquarters.

With this building, VTK not only wants to ensure the necessary student facilities, but also wants to take a step in the direction of making Tech Lane a vibrant, dynamic campus. The architecture and infill of the building is focused on openness, innovation and sustainability, values that VTK finds of paramount importance.

The preparatory work started in september 2019. The intention is to take the building into use at the beginning (oktober) of the academic year 2022.

Recent updates

Updates on pending projects

* Main entrance
From 21/6/2021 through 02/07/2021.
The entrance remains open but there may be some inconvenience.

* Entrance Labo Magnel
Will be completely closed from 28/6/2021 through 30/6/2021, passage will still be possible via the old gate.

* Entrance Chevron
Will be closed from 28/6/2021 through 30/6/2021

After 30/6/2021 all entrances will be completely cleared and can be used again.
The barriers that will be installed will be operational when the parking building is ready (expected 1st of September).

This will impact both cars and bicycles.

Week 12 update regarding construction-site parking facility:
From Monday 22 to Friday 26 March 2021 : expect heavy truck traffic. Please be extra careful and practice patience.
From Tuesday 23 to Thursday 25 March 2021 : normal truck traffic, no particular rush expected

29 Jan 2021
Due to the construction works on the new parking building, you may experience inconvenience on the road.
To guarantee safety, extra road signage will be installed and the following measures have been taken:
- Separate parking zone for trucks on the left side of the road, the lane is narrowed as a result
- Max 20 km/h
- Clear signaling of the entrances and exits
- Access to the Syngenta and BASF car park remains available
- Signage that cyclists are driving in both directions
During the morning rush hour between 7 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. and the evening rush hour between 3:30 p.m. and 5 p.m., the trucks that maneuver into the yard are accompanied by people who temporarily stop traffic.

4 Jan 2021
For 2023, the Flemish government has planned to invest 7 million euros for the construction of a new bicycle connection between De Sterre and the roundabout of the N60 in Zwijnaarde.
Read here the full article.