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TLG Campus A

Parking Facilities

On Tech Lane Campus Ardoyen a new parking system (parking building and access control) has been introduced as of October 1, 2021. More info : New Tech Lane parking system

Mobility Services

Mobility Services

Shuttle services


Car sharing services


Bike Sharing

indigo weel pro foto

Bicycle Repair Service


Food and Restaurants

Foodtrucks @ Tech Lane

Where? New square in front of Labo Magnel, situated on the new southroad (map below)
Who? Foodtruck owners who want to sell on TLGSP Campus Ardoyen can contact for more info.
foodtruck 2023
ten-ya do

Tuesday's from 11.30 am to 2.00 pm

Ten -Ya Do - Japanese curry and homefood


Friday's 7/04 - 21/04 - 5/05 - 26/05 - 23/06 - 7/07 - 28/07 - 11/08 - 25/08 - 1/09 - 15/09 - 29/09 - as from 1 pm

De Kremkerre - Home-made artisanal icecream

Resto Ardoyen @ Locus and Resto @ AA-Tower

resto Ardoyen

Resto Ardoyen @ Locus

Open from 8.30 am till 3.00 pm
Hot meals from 11.15 am till 2.00 pm
Resto AA-tower

Resto @ AA-Tower + 1

Open from 11.45 am till 1.30 pm
Here you can get a hot meal, veggie meal, cold dish, sandwiches, panini, crocks,...

Sports offer

Sports on campus

Several organisations will organise sportive moments for employees at the park.

Employees can register for the sports offerings via these organisations/links:

- Time-out, starts at the end of January. (Companies that subscribed to the discount vouchers for their employees last year can re-use the initial discount code.) Contact

- Movenatural, starts at the end of February.">Contact

We wish you all a lot of fun!

Do you want to organize activities on Tech Lane Ghent too? Contact

bpost Parcel Lockers

We offer a new park service for all employees at Campus Ardoyen : Parcel Lockers.

You can find the Parcel Lockers of bpost on the ground floor in the parking building.
To use this service you need to download the "My bpost" app.
How to get a parcel out of the Parcel Locker?
You will receive an e-mail once your parcel has arrived in the Parcel Locker. This e-mail contains the steps to open the Parcel Locker. You will also find the different steps on the Parcel Locker itself.
We work with Screenless Parcel Lockers in the parking building.
The Screenless Parcel Locker does not have a touch screen and can only be opened via the My bpost app. The app communicates via Bluetooth with the Parcel Locker in order to open it.

1. First, enable Bluetooth and your location on your smartphone
2. Open the My bpost app and select the parcel you would like to receive
3. Follow the steps in the app to connect to the Parcel Locker and the door will open automatically.
4. Take out your parcel and close the door of the Parcel Locker.

Book a meeting room

Are you looking for a location for your event or meeting?

Watch here the different possibilities on and around the park.

lecture hall

Ghent University rents out certain lecture halls and conference rooms for organising seminars, workshops, colloquiums and other activities.

Book here one of the lecture halls or conference rooms or Contact:
Resto Ardoyen - Locus

Event location inside - Locus (student restaurant Campus Ardoyen)

Campus Ardoyen nr. 75 Reservations at least 3 weeks in advance. Maximum 200 persons. Reservations UGent: Others: contact

Meeting rooms - AA-tower

Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 122 (zone C2a) Contact:

Meeting rooms - Nieuwgoed

Grotesteenweg Zuid 8, 9052 Zwijnaarde Contact: