Bike Sharing

We offer a new park service for all employees at Campus Ardoyen : Bike Sharing.

This service is free for all Tech Lane employees.
You can find the shared bicycles on the ground floor in the parking building.
The bikes can be borrowed from the parking building and used on and off the campus, but they have to be returned to the parking building. They can be used e.g. for a whole day with several stops on the way where you can lock the bike with a normal lock.

To use this service you need to download the Indigo pro weel app. To use this service you will first have to create an account and add creditcard details (you need to use your bank identificator). The creditcard is only used as a bond in case the bikes are not returned.

Click here to follow all the steps you need to take to use the park's shared bicycles (only in Dutch).

If you have problems registering for this service please contact Indigo: