Park Life

master thesis

Do you as a company want to propose a subject for a master thesis?

UGent TechTransfer will guide you in this process. If you fill in the form, we will bring you in contact with the right UGent department.
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Wanted : Industrial PhD's - 15 million Euro extra

Are you a company and are you looking for a PhD? Or are you a student and you are looking for a company to do a PhD? This is possible and it is the right time to apply for it.

Afstudeerbeurs 2019

On 2nd April 2019 Ghent University Association organises the 16th edition of Flander's largest job fair.The Tech Lane Corner provides room for our Tech Lane companies that wish to attract young researchers.

The Apporto app

SmartWithFood has launched the Apporto app, a service that makes it easier to do someone else's grocery shopping.

The Onyva app

The Onyva platform is dedicated to make you move: make teams with colleagues, challenge teams or other companies and set activity goals. For more info and free trials:
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VIB-UGent researchers started a fundraising campaign to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and its link with biotechnology. Donations to Natuurpunt will be used to conserve het Hutsepotbos, nearby our park.