De Lijn

In order to improve the public transportation with the train station and the city in the short term, the public transportation company De Lijn is investigating the possibility to move the bus stops along the Tramstraat onto the campus (along the southern road). The plan is to have two campus bus stops, one at Primoris for the eastern side of the campus, and one at Magnel Laboratory for the western side of the campus. In November, De Lijn will carry out experiments with real busses to measure the impact on the timing of the busses (on campus, but also in the Tramstraat, and on the ovonde at the N60).

In the future, there could be 6 busses per hour in each direction with a total capacity of around 400 passengers per hour. This plan would offer a fast and frequent connection with the train station, and with the center of the city from 6 am to around 10 pm. It would however be insufficient to serve the complete campus during the rush hours (when the busses are packed with school children; only a tram can deal with such numbers) which means that the shuttle busses would keep running in parallel. The busses would be an excellent alternative throughout the rest of the day.

At the train station, De Lijn also plans to cluster the platforms where the busses serving the campus leave, making it easier to find the next bus that leaves for the campus. It will substantially improve the accessibility of the campus for visitors. We hope that the visitors, employees and students will actively make use of this new proposed public transportation service.