Available lab and office space


The Park consists of 3 incubators.

Accommodation facilities are available for knowledge intensive companies and research institutes on different leasing terms.

1/ IIC UGent

Available accommodation

  • Office and/or lab 75m² (possibility to divide in 3 x 25 m²)
  • Office or lab 44 m²
  • Office 25 m² (suitable for a start-up company)

For further information, please contact Eric Boodts - eric.boodts@ugent.be.

2/ VIB Bio-incubator

The VIB Bio-incubator in Ghent has a floor space of 7,500 m².
The building consists of multi-user area and 24 units of approximately 250 m².
Each unit consists of 6 to 7 air-conditioned laboratories.

For further information, please contact Katrien Swerts - katrien.swerts@vib.be.


iCUBES provides a full-service facility for innovative ICT companies.

For further information, please contact Katia De Busschere - katia.debusschere@imec.be.


The park consists of two accelerators.

1/ Bio-Accelerator

The Bio-Accelerator is a business service centre for rapidly expanding biotech and life-science companies.
It offers laboratory facilities and offices with high level technical specifications and provides a range of
shared services, fully fitted to the needs of the users.

For further information, please contact Jessica Becu - jessica.becu@bio-accelerator.com.

2/ AA Tower

Available accommodation

  • Office and/or ICT lab 3,480 m² (3 floors, each 1,160 m²)
  • Office and/or ICT lab 275 m²

For further information, please contact Ronny Nuten - Ronny.Nuten@eu.jll.com

Company Buildings

Several options are available in the existing company buildings.

For more information, please contact Johan Bil - johan.bil@ugent.be.

Design and Build

Tech Lane Ghent Science Park offers design and build opportunities starting from 10,000 m² up to
60,000 m² gross floor office and laboratory space, enabling high tech growth companies, corporate
R&D centers or research institutes to have infrastructure built according to their specific needs.

At this moment, 2 lots are available on Campus A.

Only companies with a considerable R&D activity in co-operation with Ghent University, or willing to
co-operate in the near future, will be considered.

Feel free to contact Johan Bil - johan.bil@ugent.be for further information on specific lots or
on-going initiatives or for design and build projects.