De Fietsambassade assistance service

Employees of the Ardoyen member companies have access to the Fietsambassade assistance service.

Having bike problems? Fill out the complete contact form (be sure to fill in your phone number and e-mail on which you are readily available).

Following your request (before 9:30 a.m.), Max Mobiel will come to help you at the meeting point near the roundabout in the Tech Lane Park) around 2:00 p.m.

The vehicle assistance service is only available for urgent, essential reparations on your personal bike, company bike or rental bike. Interventions take place at the appointed location (near the roundabout in the Tech Lane Park).

You only need to pay for replaced bike material.

At the moment, only cash payment is possible with the exact amount.

Click here for the price list.

Why carpooling?

Why carpooling? Carpooling is beneficial for the environment and your wallet, even if it’s only one day a week!

  • Carpoolers enjoy economic advantages of sharing vehicle and transport costs!
  • If you receive a transport compensation, you can get a higher tax exemption!
  • Carpool passengers also get transport compensation!
  • Maybe you can negotiate other possible advantages for carpoolers with your employer, such as a reserved parking places and a guaranteed return home. More info in the folder, sign up via
More info in the folder, sign up via


Cambio is car sharing organization. The cambio cars are located at central venues in Ghent and other cities and can be ‘booked’ by reservation. The cambio cars are available for Ardoyen members with a pool card.


The subscription fee is settled centrally, each member only pays the hour- and kilometre prices.
Car class 1 2 3 4
Prices (€) vs time
per hour (7 a.m. – 11 p.m.) 1.55 (1.28) 1.90 (1.57) 2.20 (1.87) 2.85 (2.36)
per day (24h – start at any time) 17.50 (14.46) 22.00 (18. 81) 26.50 (21.90) 28.50 (23.55)
per week (7 days – start at any time) 105 (86.78) 132 (109.09) 158 (130.58) 170 (140.50)
Prices (€) vs km
Up to 100 km (fuel included) 0.23 (0.19) 0.24 (0.20) 0.25 (0.21) 0.31 (0.26)
Starting from 101 km (fuel included) 0.18 (0.15) 0.19 (0.16) 0.19 (0.16) 0.23 (0.19)
Fuel, comprehensive insurance and VAT are included in the prices (€).

(…) = indicative prices excluding VAT.

The usage costs depend on the car classification (see image). Not all cars are available everywhere.

Fuel, vehicle assistance, comprehensive insurance and VAT are included in the price.

The kilometre prices are valid provided the price of 1 litre diesel lies between € 1.4 and € 1.55. Current valid prices can be found on the cambio website.


The insurance covers:

  • civil liability for third parties
  • comprehensive insurance (maximum own risk)
  • travel and breakdown insurance
The franchise fee of the comprehensive insurance amounts to € 1000. This amount can be reduced to a maximum own risk of € 200 by purchasing a Safety Pack (€ 100 per year) along with the pool card.

Pool card request

Companies (being Ardoyen members) can request a pool card by filling out the application form and sending it to UGent departments should follow the procedure on the UGent website.

The card is compulsory for booking and starting the cambio car.


Reservation is compulsory via the cambio website.


On the second to last screen before the final reservation, you will be asked to mention the budget and reason for the travel request in the ‘comments on a drive’ section.

  • Don’t forget to go through the manual prior to use (especially at first use) to learn about the modalities of the cambio system.
  • Respect the agreed time to return the car
  • Always return a cambio car to the pitch where it was picked up.
Watch a cambio demo session on YouTube.


Shuttle bus

The stop location and schedule can be found here.

The shuttle bus runs during rush hours (7:30 – 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.) between the Tech Lane Park site and the Ghent Sint-Pieters railway station, every fifteen minutes.

During the morning rush hours (starting from 7h30), a bus drives every quarter of an hour to the Technology Park. During the evening rush hours (starting from 4:30 p.m.), a bus drives to Ghent Sint-Pieters every 15 minutes.

Bus schedule

aantal bussen
7u30bus 1
7u45 bus 2bus 3
8u00 bus 1bus 4
8u15 2
8u30 2
8u45 2
9u00 2
9u15 2
9u30 1
aantal bussen
16u30 1
16u45 2
17u00 2
17u15 2
17u30 2
17u45 2
18u00 2
18u15 2
18u30 1
*bus 3 does NOT run during school holidays (nor during long holiday weekends).

*the buses run with a few minutes time difference during the rush hours.

There are four stops on the Park site: at the Magnel Lab, the Fytolab, the Bio-Accelerator and the AA Tower.

The (green) bus lane and the 4 stops are indicated on the map below.