Update on the works

Update of the works

• 21/12/2021
The contractors are currently working on the ‘bioswales’: these trenches will come all along the ring road to channel rainwater.
The large gabions that are being built will harvest runoff rainwater from the roads, and through infiltration will recharge the groundwater.
They will be furbished with plants, enhancing the new, greener look that is envisioned for the ring road.
• 8/11/2021
The works are currently focused on two aspects:

- Renewal of the southern part of the road (between the roundabout and Fujirebio)
This phase will be completed before Easter 2022.
On Monday 8/11 the actual demolition of the road has started. The foundation of the road should be completed by the end of February so that the road works can be finished end of April.

- The clearing of the trees
The cutting down of the trees is done in a well-considered way. On the one hand, forest paths and picnic areas will be created so that the forest strips will be accessible. On the other hand, the forest is 'thinned out', whereby by cutting down a few trees, more space is given to the remaining trees to grow. Exotics have also been removed.
A few trees also had to make way for the new road profile, to create space for De Lijn and to allow the construction of a 'bioswale' will be constructed to let the rainwater from the road drain naturally.

Ultimately, however, 10,000 m² of extra woodland will be created on the campus.