Clean-up day 2024

Just like last years, on the initiative of vzw Ardoyen and in cooperation with 21 companies at Tech Lane Ghent, a clean-up action was organised on the Technology Park and surrounding streets.
No less than 360 volunteers went at it and collected a proper pile of rubbish.

To close the event, everyone gathered for some drinks, snacks and a meal. Big thanks to BIO-Planet for the drinks, snacks and the tent!

Cleaning up is an effective action anyone can take to promote a cleaner planet. It is also a way to get more involved in sustainable habits. This activity was linked to Earth Day (on Monday 22 April 2024). Earth Day is an annual event aimed at raising awareness about the Earth and life on it. On this day, attention is drawn to the world issues regarding our environment and the climate change.

Big thanks to everyone who contributed!
Clean-up day 2024