Next deadline for applications of Baekeland or Innovation mandates is Friday, 27th March 2017 at 12:00.

Baekeland mandates: industrial doctorate

A Baekeland mandate is a personal mandate subsidized for at least 50% till maximum 80% by VLAIO. It involves close collaboration between a company and a university. The research needs to have clear economic objectives and added value to the company involved. The research should be sufficiently challenging to lead to doctoral diploma.

  • Who
    The mandate holder can be either an employee of the company or an employee of the university (or research center) who is admitted into a PhD program by a Flemish university. There are no further restrictions. The funding program is open to all nationalities and to all academic disciplines.

  • Duration
    Typically 4 years. It can be prolonged when working part-time.

    Innovation mandates: postdoctoral fellowships in cooperation with industry

    VLAIO Postdoctoral Fellowships focus on research with a strong technology transfer component intending to commercialize research findings of the university by the industry.
    There are different options including two phases (phase 1 and phase 2) or directly phase 2. The first year (phase 1: in case of still too challenging research objectives) can be fully subsidized by VLAIO, the next two years partly by the company involved. In this second phase the VLAIO subsidy varies from 50% till 80%.

  • Who
    Holders of a PhD degree in close collaboration with a company

  • Duration
    Maximum 3 years with maximum 1 year fully subsidized, depending on the options.

    UGent TechTransfer supports

    UGent TechTransfer supports all Baekeland and Innovation mandates when writing the proposal and training the candidates. Success rate is generally 50% but with UGent-TechTransfer support success rate is often higher. Contact: