Seminar "Gene technology today : a practical approach" - Friday 20 September 2019 at BCCM/GeneCorner.

BCCM/GeneCorner organises its second seminar, on practical aspects of gene technology. The seminar is meant for all scientists, technicians and industrials who want to learn or discuss new techniques.

Program :

"VersaTile technology for novel enzyme-based antibiotics" - Prof. Dr Yves Briers (UGent)
"Knock-down of gene expression in human primary lymphocytes by lentiviral transduction using pLKO.1 shRNA vectors" - Drs Femke Van Gaever (UGent)
"Jungle Express, a new repressor system for inducible gene expression" - Dr Harald Braun (VIB-UGent)
"Easy and efficient gene editing using chemically synthesized guide RNA" - Dr Gurpreet Balrey (MERCK)
"Towards an accessible and non-restrictive yeast expression toolkit" - Drs Robin Vanluchene (VIB-UGent)

More info and registration: BCCM/GeneCorner Seminar