Together with the Red Cross we will organise a blood donation event at the Ardoyen campus! It doesn't take sweat or tears to make a difference!

70% of all people will need blood someday, but only 3% of the people donate blood. The numbers speak for themselves: 70% of the population will ever need blood and that only 3% of the population donate blood. More donors are needed to help all patients.

By giving a blood donation, you help more than one patient. In the current medical condition, the patient only receives the part of the blood he needs. That is why we divide the collected blood into three elements: plasma, red blood cells and platelets.

Isn't it great: you are able to save a life! Just by giving your blood. It will only take you an hour.
Join us and register quickly as a candidate donor via: Campus Ardoyen Bloedinzameling.