Open Site Day of a new R&D center for DAIKIN at Campus Ardoyen on Sunday, May 7, 2023

This construction site will become one of the most innovative Research & Development Centers in Europe.
This is a logical step for DAIKIN as market leader and innovator in the world of heat pumps.
This R&D center will consist of:
1. an office building of 11,500m² with 14 floors, 2 of which are exclusively for the close cooperation between DAIKIN and Ghent University.
2. a test building of 12,000m² with 40 test chambers including an exclusive Electro-Magnetic Compatibilty testroom.

7/O5 DAIKIN will be present to give you an insight into the testrooms exclusively for the occasion. During your visit, experience which tests DAIKIN devices undergo to guarantee maximum quality in extreme conditions. The DAIKIN engineers are present for some explanations. During a drink, you can talk to DAIKIN colleagues about the various job opportunities at DAIKIN.

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