Join the AI4 Your business Conference - Thu December 9, 2021 - 9.00-20.00

The AI4 Your business conference is aimed at companies exploring AI solutions, with the goal to level the playing field and give you the information, tools and connections to successfully implement AI in your business

What is Artificial Intelligence? What can it do for my business? And how do I implement it in my processes and organizational structure?

On December 9, AI4Growth will give you the necessary insights to these questions, so that you can convert abstract theory into a concrete business case. Innovative and tech-driven companies can achieve a competitive advantage by embracing emerging AI and ML technologies. To accelerate this economic potential, the dissemination of knowledge and the growth of a local network are of strategic importance. With this mission in mind, AI4Growth will host an international conference AI 4 Your Business on December 9 to bring together AI and ML experts. Through this annual summit, we hope to put Flanders on the world map in the field of AI.

Program details see below: Program AI4 your business